Some fre­quently asked questions:

Can I visit the oper­a­tion and spend a day hands on?

Absolutely we have dis­cov­ery days dur­ing Jan­u­ary 14th-​29th

How long from sign­ing up to open­ing my own PigOut business?

68 weeks

Do I receive free training?

Yes, train­ing in all aspects of the busi­ness is included in your fee

Can I run this along side an exist­ing business?

Yes, you can brand as PigOut by “your other named business”

What sup­port do I receive after opening?

7 day sup­port from cor­po­rate Chef, Mar­ket­ing and Operations

Can I send other new employ­ees for training?

Absolutely; there is no charge for this service

Can I intro­duce my own menu items?

Yes, we actively encour­age this

Can I set my own prices and can they change seasonally?

Absolutely, it is your business

How do I know how much I should charge for menu items?

We train you in menu sourc­ing and costing

How do I get business?

We develop a web site for you and gen­er­ate inquiries for you. We show you how to find and keep customers

Do I pay a roy­alty on my sales?

There are NO roy­alty payments

How do I know that the monthly mar­ket­ing fee will not go up?

You 3 year con­tract guar­an­tees fixed monthly fees

What hap­pens after 3 years?

You can sim­ply con­tinue to pay the monthly fee or sell your business

Do I have to pay a new License after the first 3 years?

No, you only pay the $10,000 fee when you first pur­chase the Brand

Can I cater more than one event on any given day?

Absolutely, most of our Licensees oper­ate sev­eral events simultaneously

Can I call exist­ing PigOut Licensees to get their opinion?

Absolutely, you can call them and ask questions

Can I arrange finance through you?

We work sev­eral pre approved lease companies

Can I bor­row from a bank?

Depend­ing upon your credit rating

Can you help me to pre­pare a busi­ness plan for my own bank?

Cer­tainly, we can assist you with this

How can I find out more?

- Call and arrange a phone meet­ing: Call Anne on 905 650 0781
– Arrange a visit to our St Catharines location
– Speak with exist­ing PigOut Licensees
– If you haven’t already check out our web site