What is PigOut® Cater­ing

PigOut Cater­ing is a unique full ser­vice, mobile event cater­ing busi­ness, renowned for cre­at­ing deli­cious food from fresh whole­some ingredients.

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The con­cept is rev­o­lu­tion­ary and allows the busi­ness owner to work at any loca­tion for any num­ber of guests with­out the need for high street premises.

Guests at cor­po­rate and pri­vate events are WOW’d as they expe­ri­ence the Chef roast­ing and bar­be­cu­ing on-​site, enjoy­ing the fab­u­lous aro­mas from the sig­na­ture dishes includ­ing Pig Roast, Baron of Beef and Roast Lamb.

The busi­ness owner oper­ates this proven busi­ness cater­ing for a wide range of events includ­ing wed­dings, cor­po­rate lunches, sport­ing events, back­yard par­ties and fundrais­ers for 205,000 guests. The pro­fes­sional sys­tem pro­vides has­sle free off site cater­ing with a full range of north Amer­i­can made cater­ing equip­ment incor­po­rated into a cus­tom trailer or van.

Meet Licensee

About the Own­ers

Alan and Anne Dick­son emi­grated from Scot­land in 2007 bring­ing the PigOut pro­fes­sional cater­ing sys­tem to North Amer­ica where it has flourished.

Fol­low­ing careers or over 25 years own­ing and oper­at­ing Hotels, award win­ning restau­rants and an exten­sive event cater­ing busi­ness they knew the has­sles of off­site cater­ing. Alan using his expe­ri­ence worked with engi­neers to develop the cut­ting edge PigOut Roaster and mul­ti­pur­pose out­door cook­ing cen­tre which has rev­o­lu­tionised off site event catering.

Anne hav­ing trained in a kitchen before pro­gress­ing into event man­age­ment cre­ated a cater­ing con­cept that is sim­ple, pro­fes­sional and works every time. Hav­ing worked in 4 and 5 star oper­a­tions she under­stood the impor­tance of atten­tion to detail and the PigOut Cater­ing con­cept is all about cre­at­ing a pro­fes­sional, high qual­ity expe­ri­ence for every client every time.

Alan and Anne have a true pas­sion for their busi­ness and a wealth of expe­ri­ence to share with their Licensees to ensure their success.