Hav­ing been in the start up busi­ness for 20 years I know the pit­falls. The money wasted pur­chas­ing the wrong equip­ment, the time spent on ill advised mar­ket­ing ini­tia­tives and the effort put in to work­ing out sys­tems that are effi­cient have been both costly and time con­sum­ing. Hav­ing no sup­port sys­tem has been dif­fi­cult and I have def­i­nitely made a few bad deci­sions along the way that have cost me time and money.

The main ben­e­fit of becom­ing a fran­chise owner is that you can launch a proven busi­ness with­out start­ing from scratch. You can choose a busi­ness in a field that inter­ests you and that you will enjoy own­ing and oper­at­ing. The mar­ket research, brand, prod­uct, nec­es­sary equip­ment and oper­a­tional sys­tem are already in place and proven to work. This isn’t say­ing you can’t fail, but the odds are a lot more in your favor and you have a sup­port sys­tem to help you when you need advise.

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